Ship Crew Manning


SHORELINE SERVICES LIMITED is a one of Government Approved Crew Manning Agent in Bangladesh (License No. MLA-035) which are located in Chattogram, Bangladesh.Crew management is a fast growing and people-driven organization that firmly believes individual excellence translates

into Organizational accomplishments.  The company overall objective is provide stability and continuity of personnel, bringing significant benefits to the performance of a prospective owner/ ship manager/ client’s fleet.

To consistently uphold its role as the premier manning agency operated by a dynamic, dedicated and competent work force fully prepared to meet the changes of the time  and provide our customers with high quality, cost efficient and personalized crewing services with complete satisfaction in all aspects.


SHORELINE SERVICES LIMITED Familiarize the seafarers with on board regulations such as SMS (Safety Management System) e.g.: SOPEP (Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Procedures) Garbage Management – Environmental protection rules – PPEP (Piracy Prevention Emergency Procedures) and policies as required by the principals. Arrange seminars, training session etc for seafarers as per the requirements of the ISM code. Arrange all travel documents and travel arrangements required for the purpose of joining the principal’s vessel in a minimum time.


SHORELINE SERVICES LIMITED is maintaining an updated database of seafarers to ensure continuity and quality of personnel ailing on all the vessel managed by us. Maintaining systematic personnel services records, internal / external auditing systems and other documentation. All the data stored and accessed with our custom – made software. Selecting the best qualified seafarers from our pool, who meet with the exact requirements of the principal and shipping regulations in accordance with the ISM code, with regard to certification in compliance with SCTW 2010, regulation’s in force. The hand on hand with the selection process based upon the Owner/Principal’s criteria a smooth and satisfying experience on authorization by the ship owner/ ship  manager to recruit a seafarer and we are responsible to:

  • Screen previous employment records in order to identify suitable seafarers with satisfactory past performance.

.Check the validity of all Licenses, Flag License and training certificates and where necessary to arrange/ renewal.

  • Arrange for the medical screening of the seafarer including Drugs and Alcohol and compliance under Principal/ Ship Manager pre-employment medical standard.
  • Prepare all documentation required and departure formality (including visas) for the seafarer to join the vessel in specific time.
  • After the complete selection and engagement process approved by Principal / Ship Manager shall conducted for pre briefing/ necessary training on view competence with education, training, attitudes and behavior of all individuals and value creation at the workplace.


SHORELINE SERVICES LIMITED keep maintaining a certain number (standby) of crew members at all ranks.Our all Crew & Officer/Engineer well experienced & worked FG Vessell.These crew members are readily available upon advance request by our Principals and Clients.The additional recruitment of Seafarers to increased crew pool shall base on Principal/Ship Manager request upon complete stringent assessment and selection procedure in accordance with International Standard STCW 2010 and the ISM Code.Maintaining a Company pool of Seafarers to ensure that continuity and quality is maintained as well as close monitoring the performance of regular appraisal report/feedback from the vessel and the principal/ship manager.


Shoreline Services Limited Arranging medical examination of the selected seafarers in accordance with ILO and flag state regulations

Our qualified seafarer has to undergo a Pre-Employment Medical and Drug & Alcohol examination, others and Company’s pre- employment medical  standard test to ensure through by our accredited as per DG Shipping approved Medical Clinic/hospital. This is to ensure our Principals and Clients that the following qualified seafarers deployed were emotionally, psychologically, mentally, physically fit and drug free with fit to work at onboard.


SHORELINE SERVICES LIMITED promote the right values and attitudes needed in their line of work through the Culture Management Skills and Values Formation as well as through Ship-owner specific briefings for their safety measure and proper decorum in their respective work area.


SHORELINE’S SERVICES LIMITED conducts the required pre-departure orientation briefing to crew members. Included in topics being discussed during pre-departure are the types of vessels they will board, their respective duties and responsibilities, background of the company and the importantly the company code to avoid sea accidents,proper decorum and protocol expected from them as competent seamen. It is also gives emphasis on the obligation, dedication and loyalty to the vessel and its owner, superiors, cargo, passengers and crew members.


SHORELINE SERVICES LIMITED Firstly checked there travelling documents such as Passport, CDC, Officer COC, short course certificate and other documents are up to date or not, trained administrative personnel who are in the operating and crewing business with experience on all aspects of documentation processing, Visas, Ticketing, accessing different Government offices more particularly at DEPTT OF  SHIPPING , GOVT. SHIPPING OFFICE and other government  agencies directly and indirectly connected with deployment of seafarers on broad.


We are providing our Officer, Engineer & Ratings as per Company Salary Scale or negotiate with Principle/Owner & Management.

Shoreline Services Limited supply the crew for below mention Vessel:

1) General Cargo 2) Container Ship 3) Bulk Carrier 4) Oil/Chemical/Product Tanker 5) Car Carrier 6) Ro-Ro Vessel 7) Bunker Vessel, Supply Boat ,Tug Boat etc.